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Unisight Mobile Client

As mobile monitoring with handheld media devices (smartphones) increase, and the popularity of 4G mobile networks, security monitoring utilizing your phone is becoming the latest trend in the field. Using a variety of platform-based mobile terminals anywhere on the digital video network makes remote monitoring and management possible. Unisight digital monitoring systems adhere to the principles of building a highly open and compatible infrastructure from the manufacturers of various video encoding equipment, while adapting to a variety of mobile smartphone platforms. Front-end support for all major brands of domestic and international video encoding devices, such as: Hikvision, Mobotix, Arecont Vision, Axis, Sony, Stardot, etc. Unisight supports the major smartphone platforms, such as: iPhone and Android. The Unisight mobile client offers not only real-time remote monitoring, but also playback of video files from the Streaming Proxy.